We love Valencia

Following major flooding in the historic centre of Valencia, the Rio Turia was diverted, the former riverbed now a beautiful park with cycle (skate) ways, playground, exercise equipment, ponds, fountains, and skate park.


Also great for skating was the area surrounding la Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias, a series of buildings, most designed by Santiago Calatrava.


Much of the buildings and landscaping is white mosaic tiling, with flashes of vibrant blue.


The huge pool surrounding the Hemispheric was full of transparent kayaks, and waterballs designed by NASA to assist in preparing astronauts for zero gravity.


The city’s historic centre was vibrant, with a huge covered market that we visited daily for breakfast, and for buying fruit and supplies.

imageimageimage imageimageimageimage

Everywhere the food was fabulous.


We visited the towers at the two remaining sections of the fortress protecting the old town, with stunning views over the city,


and had a tense moment when Otis leaned back and his sunglasses slipped off his head and headed for the narrow arrow-shooting slit, but fortunately he grabbed them in time,


visited two contemporary art galleries, one a stylish modern building, the other in a converted medieval monastery,


enjoyed Monuments and Braille maps around the city,


and swam at the local beach, where Baxter had a new experience – being stung by a spider fish! Fortunately, the local Cruz Roja (Red Cross) paramedic treated it with ammonia, and prescribed walking on hot sand, which was easy, as it was boiling!



Shopping opportunities included a new Kangol hat (Daniel),


clothes from skate shops (Baxter and Otis),


and a polka dot phone cover (Gini).


Our lovely apartment was in the Barrier Carmen


overlooking a four way intersection of narrow roads, with four pedestrian crossings, and excellent opportunities for people watching, including Daniel arriving home with our clean laundry!


Amazingly, with four pedestrian crossings, some people still walked across the middle of the street.



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