Paris is wonderful, and we have been having a great time becoming aquainted with this stylish city again (Daniel & Gini) and for the first time (Baxter & Otis).

From our first emerging from the Metro on Sunday morning after our overnight train from Salzburg, we have been watching the Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower), visible from so many places in the city.

On Tuesday evening we ate our dinner up the tower

we watched the sun go down, and could see and hear thousands of parisians cheering as they watched the footie on a huge screen in the palais gardens.

the tower lights up like a christmas tree with flashing white lights for five minutes each hour after dark. we watched it from on the viewing platform and there were cheers and shouts.

we had a rather alarming incident in the metro on the way home…there was a big bunch of footie fans, who were VERY animated!!! they were banging, kicking, chanting, shouting in the train…we don’t have a photo, as we were hanging on to each other, and trying not to attract their attention. a bit scary.

we had a lovely time at the parc de la villette, a modern industrial park with beautiful and unusual landscaping and sculptures, in stark contrast to the ornate renaissance statuary of the city.

Here are Baxter and Otis in the garden of mirrors…

and the garden of sounds with cylindrical pipes transmitting wonderful sounds of water and wind…

and the sunken bicycle sculpture…

and stainless steel swivelling chairs…

somehow, the parc de la villette inspired the boys into bedouins!

We all enjoyed the Rodin museum with fabulous sculptures

and a sandpit…

We have enjoyed the wonderful pompidou centre

including the escalator that winds up the outside of the building like a snake…

more news later…one last thing…we visited the SEWER…Daniel told us it was not stinky, but i’m not sure we agreed!!!

only a month left of the holiday…keep the messages coming,


ps in england now, and i had a failure to upload this blog from paris, so it’s been sitting in draft for quite a few days while we had a wonderful time with our friends janet and tom in audresselles, northern france, and at falcon farm in kent…more of that soon…

6 Responses to “Paris”

  1. James n Trace Says:

    Phew – we’re feeling a lot better now that we’ve received another post….

    • gleebitz Says:

      hello, ower-dixons

      thanks for your email, very hot on the tail of my post from paris!

      i had a problem in paris, and somehow my post didn’t make it to the blogsite! we are now in england!!!! i’ll post a blog of our wonderful long weekend in audresselles in northern france, and now in kent.

      we have been following the world cup as best we can, but we’ve had intermittent internet, and not good english written news, however, all will be better, as we are now in england…we watched thousands of parisians watch soccer on a big screen from up the eiffel tower, and on our last night in paris, we watched with many locals as france lost to mexico 2-0…everyone was sad, but the parisians were very excited that we nzers had won against slovakia!…we didn’t watch that match (we haven’t had any tv in france), but fiona, anton and axel were watching it in the middle of the nz night, and texted us at half time and at the end of the game. we were at the rodin museum, baxter and otis having a wonderful time playing in the sandboxes, part of the stylish formal gardens of the hotel biron, where rodin lived for the last ?10 years of his life.

      we have been with wonderful friends, janet and tom since we left paris. a fantastic weekend in audresselles, northern france, and now at their farm in kent. they have gone back to work in london, so we are luxuriating at their beautiful country house…it has an ancient “hall,” the old bit of the house, built in 1540, and a variety of other lovely bits, built on by others or them, some bits built on by others and taken off by them. the two conservatories and the french farmhouse kitchen are all new, and are gorgeous. i have been enjoying cooking in it. janet and tom are fabulous hosts and great gardeners, and we have enjoyed their homemade jams, chutneys, fresh raspberries and redcurrants, and other sumptuous fare.

      the farm has an orchard, a meadow, a pond, amphibian garden, a house pond, filled with tiny frogs, that otis and baxter have spent hours “saving,” building bridges so they can get out of the water, and a camp fire that we sat around eating dinner last night. i cooked, and we transported in the “hostess trolley,” a wheelbarrow!!!! both boys have rowed on the pond in “merlin” the dinghy and paddled the purple canoe…tom is totally tuned in to boys, so they have been in 7th heaven.

      their house in audresselles is right on the beach, close to the local farm with fresh milk, butter, cream, creme fraiche, etc, and is a little tall house (one of the two tallest in the village) with two levels plus a basement plus an attic (that baxter and otis slept in). tom was the chief cook and otis had a wonderful time assisting him. the boys rowed in the inflatable dinghy, swam in borrowed wetsuits, and we all enjoyed sand constructions, cycling on the local farm roads, walking on the coastal walkway to the lighthouse at gris-niz, drinking at the local pub, and reading novels, cooking, shopping at the local markets (strawberries, cherries, san marzano tomatoes, champignons, mackerel, chickens, potatoes, parsley, peaches, nectarines, apricots, white turnips, bread, cheeses, cider, jambon, etc, etc)…i can’t believe we ate all those things, but it’s true!!!!

      i’ll post a blog of audresselles and kent before bed.

      much love to you all, we are thinking of you all, post-canberra and with your special remembering of pru gini, daniel, baxter, otis, xxxx

  2. Trace n James Says:

    James may be feeling a lot better but I’m green with envy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Loved your pics – can almost imagine I’m there.
    Hope to see more of Le parc de la Villette at a later slide show. Enjoy England and the long summer days. We have passed through the shortest day and today snow is forecast to 300m on the Peninsula!

  3. BennyBoy Says:

    sounds like u r having a great time
    C u soon
    ben 8)

  4. Axel Says:

    that sewer must be horrible.
    I like the turban kind of thing.
    From Axel

  5. Axel Says:

    Are there many french football fans around
    if there are try to cheer them up a little
    because they got eliminated in the first
    round of the fifa world cup.

    p.s they lost to south africa

    From Axel

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